Up For Sale is this 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
-404rwkw on E85 dyno sheet provided
-5 speed manual
-RB26 rocker covers
-New bottom end including new crankshaft
-MLS Head gasket
-ARP head studs and springs.
-Forward facing plenum.
-Tomei fuel reg.
-High mount manifold
-GTX3076 Genuine Garret
-Nismo style FMIC
-Coil overs
-New timing belt kit done incl new idlers, tensions and water pump and seals.
-AN8 Catch can and hose with some AN fittings (not fitted)
-Excedy HD button clutch.
-Haltec Platnium Pro Ecu
-Haltec Wide band (WB2)
-Haltec 3 bar map sensor.
-Turbosmart 38 External gate w/ screamer
-Bosch 1000cc injectors
-Walbro 525 fuel pump with proper wiring.
-52mm alloy radiator.
-Genuine working Nissan sunroof. No leaks.
GTR Mock up includes
- Front fenders
- Front GTR bumper
- Front lip
- R34 GTR alloy bonnet
- Side skirts
- Rear pods
- Genuine GTR spoiler.
-Excellent paint, full respray including remove sunroof, moulds etc.
-Full Japanese turbo back exhaust
-Carbon fibre windshields
-Standard interior.
-Carbon fibre wrap gear surround
-Nismo gearknob
-Nismo cluster – 77,xxxKm
-Sony headunit speakers and subwoofer
-Battery relocated to boot to allow room for Front catch can (if wanting to go that way)
-Viper 5706VR security system with VSQ500 tracking module. You will need to pay for subscription to viper app. Professionally installed by Street Sound Vision Mitcham (lisenced Viper installer)

The Nissan Skyline R34 GTT, produced from 1998 to 2002, was a popular model in the Skyline range known for its performance and sleek design. Here is a general specification list for the R34 GTT:


  • Engine Type: RB25DET
  • Displacement: 2.5 liters
  • Configuration: Inline-6
  • Turbocharged: Yes
  • Intercooled: Yes
  • Power Output: Approximately 280 horsepower
  • Torque: Approximately 280 lb-ft


  • Transmission Type: 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
  • Limited Slip Differential: Available as an option


  • 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) Acceleration: Around 5.6 seconds (estimated)
  • Top Speed: Electronically limited to 112 mph (180 km/h)


  • Front Suspension: Independent, double wishbone
  • Rear Suspension: Independent, multi-link


  • Front Brakes: Ventilated disc brakes
  • Rear Brakes: Ventilated disc brakes
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Available as an option

Wheels and Tires:

  • Wheel Size: 17 inches (may vary depending on the trim level)
  • Tire Size: 225/50R17 (may vary depending on the trim level)


  • Length: Approximately 4,600 mm (181 inches)
  • Width: Approximately 1,775 mm (70 inches)
  • Height: Approximately 1,360 mm (54 inches)
  • Wheelbase: Approximately 2,650 mm (104 inches)
  • Curb Weight: Approximately 1,490 kg (3,285 lbs)

Please note that these specifications are general and may vary depending on the specific trim level, optional features, and market variations. It's always recommended to refer to official sources or consult a Nissan dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (Gran Turismo Turbo) is a sports car that belongs to the legendary Skyline GT-R series produced by Nissan. The R34 GTT is part of the non-GT-R lineup, but it still offers impressive performance and styling.

Here are some key features and specifications of the 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT:

  1. Engine: The R34 GTT is powered by a 2.5-liter inline-6 engine, known as the RB25DET. It is equipped with a turbocharger, which helps produce a respectable amount of power.
  2. Power Output: The RB25DET engine in the R34 GTT generates around 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. These figures can vary depending on the specific model and any modifications that may have been made.
  3. Transmission: The R34 GTT is available with a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. The manual gearbox is preferred by enthusiasts due to its engaging driving experience.
  4. Drivetrain: The R34 GTT is a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicle. Unlike the higher-performance GT-R models, it does not feature Nissan's advanced ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive system.
  5. Design: The R34 GTT shares some styling cues with its GT-R counterpart, featuring aggressive and aerodynamic body lines. However, it lacks the signature rear wing and wider fenders found on the GT-R.
  6. Suspension: The R34 GTT is equipped with MacPherson struts at the front and a multi-link setup at the rear, providing a good balance between comfort and performance.
  7. Interior: The interior of the R34 GTT offers a driver-focused cockpit with supportive seats and a range of features, including air conditioning, power windows, and a stereo system.
  8. Popularity: The R34 Skyline, including the GTT model, gained significant popularity worldwide due to its appearance in various media, such as the "Fast and Furious" film franchise.

It's worth noting that the R34 GTT is a highly sought-after car, and its value has appreciated over time. Additionally, import regulations and availability may vary depending on the country or region you are in.

1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

  • 1998
  • Nissan
  • Skyline R34 GTT
  • Request More Info
  • Year 1998
  • Make Nissan
  • Model Skyline R34 GTT
  • Transmission Manual
  • Month 6
  • Stock Number C6758600
  • VIN Number ER34-005211
  • Status Sold
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