Sadly we do not offer trade ins, how ever some JDM sports cars we made be able to assist you in selling so that you can buy your dream JDM from us.

Although we do provide an after sales service for parts, we are not a parts distributor and we do not supply spare parts for your used motor vehicle.

Global motor traders have in-house paint, body, tuning and mechanical for any changes or modifications ypu would like to make to your vehicle after purchase.

Global motor traders through its Texas office handles the cars first title upon clearance through US customs.

For the most part you can not bring an R34 GTR in to the USA until 2024, however we do offer storage for R34 GTRs and we do stock a range of show or display eligible R34 GTRs that can be imported in to the US immediately.

All imports that enter the USA must be at least 25 years old to the production month the car was built, to cross any US border legally, there are some exemptions to this rule under the Show or Display regulations that are eligible through limited production or rarity, how ever there is a considerable cost attached to this process. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss importing a Show or display vehicle.

California had the strictest emissions requirements of any US state. Some cars are eligible for CA legalisation however this is a process that can only be done upon the cars arrival in CA and does have a further cost that can vary depended on the car. Talk to us today about what your options are.

Finance is available through Lightstream. They are a fully online lender. IF you have a credit score OF OVER 600 and a history of good credit. Your application usually would be approved with in 24 hours and full amount is usually release within 5 days of a successful application. Lightstream finances against your credit score rather then the title of the car, therefore you will be able to recieve funding fir a car nit yet exported or even having arrived to the USA. Meaning you can purchase a car that may need to be in storage before turning 25 years old. You can make your application online now at

After choosing your car our Texas based licensed and bonded dealership issues sales contracts and wire details so payment is made locally within the USA. Giving you all the protection of US consumer laws you would expect buying a car from a dealership.